17/12/07 Greenpace – 200 de activisti arestati la Bruxelles

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200 activists arrested as Greenpeace shuts down EU fisheries meeting

Around 200 Greenpeace activists from 14 European countries have been arrested after successfully blocking the seven entrances to the building of the Council of the European Union,
where EU fisheries ministers were to gather for their annual meeting to discuss fishing quotas.

The activists constructed a wall in front of the building´s main entrance bearing the message “Shut Down until Fish Stocks Recover.” Belgian police moved in and demolished the wall at 11am.

The Fisheries Council holds its annual meeting today to decide levels of total allowable catches (TACs). The Council’s consistently dismal record provides no basis for expecting that this year’s negotiations will
introduce steps towards environmentally- and economically-sustainable fisheries in which biodiversity and fish stocks are maintained.

Greenpeace believes that Europe’s current decision-making arrangements on fisheries are in urgent need of a fundamental overhaul.