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Greenpeace Inflatables Harassed by Japanese Hunter Vessels In Southern Ocean as Australian Government Ship Arrives

Southern Ocean, January 22, 2008: After delaying the refuelling of the Japanese whaling fleet’s factory ship Nisshin Maru this morning, Greenpeace inflatables returned to document boxes of whale meat being
transferred to refuelling and cargo vessel Oriental Bluebird, and to continue protesting whaling fleet’s refuelling in Antarctic Treaty waters.

As the documentation was in progress, two of the whaling fleet’s hunter vessels spent more than an hour performing close-quarter manoeuvres around the small Greenpeace inflatables, to harass the activists, and
push them away from the Nisshin Maru and Oriental Bluebird.

While this event was in progress, the crew of the Greenpeace ship Esperanza, which was close by, spotted the Australian government ship Oceanic Viking appeared on the horizon. The Oceanic Viking is now near
the Esperanza and Japan’s whaling fleet.